Janell Berté

Janell Berté

Janell is a native Pennsylvanian, born a Norwin Knight, graduated a Drexel Dragon, and moved to Southern California where the sand never hit her toes (although the miles of roller skating on Venice beach are too numerous to count!)

Her father instilled the travel bug in her at an early age. Only 2 more states to go! In the meantime her infamous black poncho has seen the world. From Paris to  Mumbai to Hong Kong, 14 countries and counting. Janell speaks sewing in every language and is a favorite guest designer at every production house she has been to.

Totally absorbed in her fashion business and traveling more than 25 weeks a year left time only for a rare blind date. After 3 canceled dinners and driving off without a phone number, her prince charming retrieved Janell’s number from our fairy Godmother! 25 years later her creative hero/husband Richard and their 2 fur children live in a 240 year old historic mill that floods periodically.

On the bright side in the summer, we have indoor swimming and in the winter, an indoor skating rink.

What is life without daily adventures? (Click here for Janell’s designer creds!)

Richard Wood