Kat Palmer

Kat Palmer

Kat came into the world (aka Baltimore) meowing like a tiny kitten, and did a majority of her growing up in Chocolatetown USA; She drives into Lancaster to do whatever she can for each bride that walks through the door!
Lending a helping hand is in her very nature; Her father is a Doctor at the Hershey Medical Center, and mother is a nurse at Pinnacle Health. Even her brother is in the health field! Can you tell who the black (favorite color) sheep is?
From tomboy to everything bridal – Kat swoops into appointments making everyone around her feel at ease by cracking jokes and relating to almost every person in the bride’s entourage.
When she’s not running around with a Diet Coke in hand (not just a can, an XL cup from Sheetz), she is dancing around concerts being a “Punk Rock Princess.”

Richard Wood