Before you Start to Shop

Where do you go shopping for your dream dress?

                Are you coordinating a shopping trip with your Bride Tribe?! Before you start your engine, do some research! That way you all can have the best experience and make awesome memories.

  1. Consider shopping close to your home, near family or your venue. All have their merits. So, let’s break it down! Close to your home makes alteration trips easy. Close to your parents will give you family time, and usually there will be a party or two planned leading up to the wedding. If you are a destination bride, you might want to get your dress near the venue. You can do fittings when you are in town planning and possibly have them deliver the dress the day of the wedding.
  2. Google the stores in the chosen area. Review their websites, The Knot and/or WeddingWire pages. Do they have the vibe you are looking for? Do they carry dresses within your budgeted range? Are you looking for plus size dresses? (*not all stores stock plus sizes, so call ahead to find out)
  3. Read the reviews and see how many the store has. Ask your friends, coworkers, etc for recommendations. Make an appointment, find out how many guests can join you, and if they permit outside beverages (remember you are going into a store with ALL white dresses.) The stores want you to have an enjoyable experience, but keep the “party” for lunch or local happy hour!

Finding a store that matches your needs is just as important as finding your dream dress! Do your homework and then have some fun!

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