Bling Fling / May 18-25, 2019


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May 18th – 25th 2019

If you’re not a POSH bride… we still have you covered… with gems!  Our BLING FLING is our humongous accessory that will beat any other bridal shop’s collection!

NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!  Why?  Because you get our best selection!

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POSH helped all our brides during the pandemic!

We're closed until June 4th but you can schedule your POSH appointment online now! 

POSH is proud that we didn't miss a single micro "Covid" wedding during this pandemic shutdown - and we're back to serve all our new brides!  Weddings haven't stopped — just postponed a bit. POSH is here to help you get everything back on track!

MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE! - Because of social distancing, we're reducing the total number of appointments, so schedule yours today!