Real POSH bride and groom at Glacier

                Congratulations, you’re engaged! You have been waiting for the question to be popped, or you were just surprised! You said “YES!” So, pop a bottle of champagne and get ready for the ride!

  1. Pick a season and a few dates with your partner (+ family if they are planning with you). Remember to be a little flexible since depending on your venue there might be only limited dates available, or you may pick an off day.
  2. Find your venue and reserve your date!  Your venue lends as the back drop to your special day. It’s going to tell you inside/outside, formal/casual, ballroom/canopy of trees, local/destination. This will help direct you to your fashion style, BUT should not limit you!
  3. It’s all in timing. If you are 5 to 20 months from your wedding date, now is a good time to get your dress. If the time is less than 5 months, no sweat. Many stores sell their gowns off the rack, and a few even have designers with very short delivery time. Your choices may be a bit limited, but you will still find the perfect gown! If more than 20 months out, WAIT! Styles will change, and your taste may change. Once you have purchased your gown. It is yours– no going back.

It’s time to get started. Sooooo, let’s go!


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