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Anniversary Year Gifts

April 24, 2015 - Inspiration, Wedding Ideas - , , , , ,


I love starting new traditions and memories, and think it’s a great way to start off a new marriage. One tradition in marriage is to celebrate each anniversary year with a different gift. The gifts start out simple, and get more grand over the years. While these gifts can be anything, there are certain gifts that are traditionally given at each anniversary year! Here’s the list of anniversary’s and a few great traditional and modern alternatives.

  • 1st – Paper            Modern: Clocks
  • 2nd- Cotton          Modern: China
  • 3rd – Leather        Modern: Crystal/Glass
  • 4th – Fruit/Flowers          Modern: Appliances
  • 5th- Wood             Modern: Silverware
  • 6th – Candy/ Iron            Modern: Wood
  • 7th-  Wood/Copper        Modern: Desk Sets
  • 8th- Pottery/ Bronze      Modern: Linens/Lace
  • 9th – Willow/ Pottery      Modern: Leather
  • 10th- Tin/Aluminum       Modern: Diamond Jewelry
  • 11th- Steel                      Modern: Fashion Jewelry
  • 12th- Silk/ Linen            Modern: Pearls
  • 13th- Lace                      Modern: Textile Furs
  • 14th- Ivory                     Modern: Gold Jewelry
  • 15th- Crystal                 Modern: Watches
  • 20th- China                   Modern: Platinum
  • 25th- Silver                   Modern: Silver
  • 30th- Pearl                    Modern: Diamond
  • 35th- Coral                    Modern: Jade
  • 40th- Ruby
  • 45th- Sapphire             
  • 50th- Gold
  • 60th- Diamond

Do you celebrate your anniversary with these gift traditions?