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The Posh Experience

  1. Make an appointment online or give us a call!
  2. Tell us about your plans, budget, and style. We love to hear all about YOU!
  3. We will select some amazing gowns from our collection.
  4. You find a dress that is perfect you needs a few tweaks. No, problem we can try to add a sleeve or change a back for you.
  5. Time to say YES! The gown and a veil we pair with it look amazing.
  6. Time to celebrate!
  7. Take home a little memento to remember the day.
  8. You’ll be ready to share to all your friends an family your memories from this day!

Pocket Arrangement vs. Boutonnière

Pocket Arrangement: A mini floral arrangement in the pocket of a suit jacket. 

Boutonnière: a floral decoration, typically a single flower or bud, worn on the lapel of a tuxedo or suit jacket.

Recently, we talked to Cheryl from Consider the Lilies and the topic of boutonnières came up. She noted that a new trend is happening in the floral world and that is pocket flower arrangements for grooms! We loved this idea and instantly went to Pinterest to look at some inspiration. While boutonnières can show your personality, somehow a pocket arrangement takes it up a notch. If this is something you want for your wedding talk to your florist about all the fun possibilities. It can even match your bouquet.

Show up in Style

Looking for a way to brighten an already exciting day. Simply put, dress shopping is exhausting and exhilarating! So, why not add a limousine to the fun. This is no ordinary shopping excursion, so let a chauffeur get you to us in a relaxed and timely fashion. From the back of the limo you will be able to spend time with your besties and family. We have had many happy customers arrive to us in a beautiful limo from Unique Limousine. Also, it’s possible to hire them for your wedding day travel! Other rental companies in the area also have antique vehicle rentals available. The options of showing up in style are endless.

Style on the Aisle | Gift Certificates

What is Style on the Aisle?

It’s an event where POSH brides get to “dress up” with an up-do, a touch of makeup and their gown (or the sample) then are “styled” with all the perfect accessories for their wedding day look. Surrounded by family and other Posh brides with champagne in hand, you will find that perfect veil, hair ornament, jewelry, sash and shoes ALL at the fabulously fun event.

When is it this year?

This year it will be held February 9th(4-8:30PM), the 10th(4-8:30PM), the 11th(4-7PM), and Saturday the 13th(9-3PM). Mark your calendars! We will be in contact will brides who should attend this February between Christmas and New Years!

Is there a way that my accessories can be a gift this holiday?

YES! We offer gift certificates that you can redeem during Style on the Aisle! So, shop Small this holiday season! Do you have a family, friends, and your fiancé texting you: “Hey what do you want from Christmas?” and you need ideas. Well, now you can tell them a Style on the Aisle gift card. Or don’t even wait till they ask, tell them now! They can give us a call at 717-291-9894.

Fashion Tip: Bras Under Illusion Necklines

Did you know we can hide a bra under illusion necklines? That’s great news for all our brides who want a little extra support on their wedding day! And the best part is how BEAUTIFUL all that lace and sparkle can be. You can feel comfortable and supported. It combines function and fashion for all cup sizes. If the lace is already there, great if not we can add more. The lace and sparkle can cover the strap and bra line so it won’t be visible. You will be ready for one of the best days of your life. 
#realPOSHbride Kelley

Photographer – @EarthmarkPhotography

Janell Answers Trunk Show Questions

  1. What is a trunk show?
  • Trunk shows are designed specifically to showcase all the new styles a designer has created for the next season. 
  1. How long is a trunk show?
  • They are typically in the retail store for 1-2 weekends. Depending on the designer and how busy their schedule is.
  1. How many dresses are at the trunk show?
  • It can range between 10-25 dresses depending on the designer.
  1. Why is it important for a bride to come to a trunk show?
  • If a bride likes a particular designer’s looks a trunk show gives the bride an opportunity to view and try on the designers latest creations. 
  1. What if I can’t decide on a gown that day?
  • We understand that a bride might need to sleep on a gown decision. Trunk shows are time sensitive though, so it is imperative the bride can be prepared to make a decision. Brides bring your important decision makers with you to the show to help! Most designers will also give brides a one week window to place an order after the show. However, the gowns will have left for the next city. Which makes it harder for a bride to come back and review her thoughts. 
  1. Any benefits to buying during a trunk show?
  • Some designers offer special changes for complimentary that are not usually that way! That could include: custom lengths, rush charges, and custom sizing fees waived.

Shopping During Covid | Masks

Don’t let covid-19 put a halt in your dress search. We block out 1.5 hours for appointments, clean, and sanitize between each appointment. We’re taking measures so everyone can be safe while still finding the perfect dress. We require masks and limit brides to two guests. We are ready to greet you at the door with a smile under our own custom Posh masks!

Speaking of custom Posh masks! We’re also taking orders for custom bridal masks. We can do bride, groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids masks. We have done some beautiful bridesmaids masks in the wedding colors. And masks to match suits and tuxedos. Just let us know what you are thinking and we can create something. 2020 has been quite the year!
Photography- Leslie Gilbert

Wedding Trend Alert!

Prior to the pandemic we were seeing the most popular wedding colors being rust, sage green, and other light blush tones. Those are still very on trend but, we expect to see a lot more bright colors soon as well. Colors that are expected to be very popular are bright yellow, cerulean, marigold orange, kelly green, and scarlet red. These colors can be implemented in any way! Whether that is done in flowers, bridesmaids dresses, invitations, or table decor. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute said the “colors for Spring/Summer 2021 combine a level of comfort and relaxation with sparks of energy that encourage and uplift our moods”. Which we love to hear and hope all our brides are happy and joyful no matter how they celebrate their wedding day.

Dress Shopping Vocab

Finding the perfect dress at POSH Bridal Boutique

It’s a needle in a hay stack!

                Are you the bride that has dreamt of your gown since you were old enough to walk or walking in with no idea what so ever? This is probably the most overwhelming part of the process of shopping. Will you find the dress? Of course you! With the help of an experienced consultant and your tribe!

  1. Let’s talk vocabulary. Getting to know terms before heading out will make you feel more confident when chatting with your consultant. The has a whole list for you to bone up on. Learn about necklines, waist styles, sleeves and more.
  2. There are really only 4 basic dress shapes: Sheath, fit and flare, A-line, ball gown. Everything else is a derivative of them.
  3. There are about 9 different fabrics used for wedding dresses. A fabric is made up of both a weave and a fiber. So when you hear satin, that is a weave not a fiber. There are silk, polyester, acetate and satin blends.  So the classic type of weaves would satin, taffeta, shantung, organza, chiffon, crepe, georgette, net, and tulle. There are also specialty fabrics like laces, embroideries and nets. (which is a whole different topic to be handled later!)

With your inspiration pictures in hand, your consultant will guide you thru the gowns to find the right vib you are dreaming of. Be open with your consultant, tell her what you are liking or disliking about each dress you try. This will help steer her to find stock that will be “the one”.

When to Stop Shopping

A happy POSH bride!

How do you know when to stop?

                When you find the dress, of course! That sounds so easy. For some it will be the first store and possibly the first gown. For other brides it could be 20 stores, 10’s of hours and a hundred gowns.

  1. More is not necessarily better. Expect to try 6-10 gowns on at an appointment. Many a bride will find that the perfect gown is completely different than what she had pinned. Every “body” is different so it’s important to let the consultant do her job in finding a great look for you.
  2. Make your shopping a mission not a project! Believe me after your 4th store, it won’t be fun anymore. Let’s keep the fun in finding that dream gown. Try not to plan more than 3 stores in one day of shopping. Plan a lunch in the mid-day. There is nothing worse than a hangry bride and her tribe!
  3. Finding the “zing”. The minute you start shopping may be the moment you stop! Many a bride finds their gown at their first stop. Yes, be surprised but be ready! Others take several shops. Every bride feels different. Some get teary, some giggle, some dance and twirl, some get really calm and happy. You do you. It’s what gives you that “zing!”

Remember everyone is an individual so don’t let friends comments stress you when to let the “zing” happen. This should be a fun, organic process that will give you that memorable moment. Try not to over analysis (I know that is tough for many), but don’t rush in either.