For YOUR protection and ours, we must temporarily change the way we do business.

Shopping for, and trying on wedding gowns is a very personal experience. To minimize the risks, and under the guidance of the Federal CDC and PA Department of Health we have to change a few things.

We are looking forward to your appointment!

For your protection and ours we must insist on some safeguards…

We can only service customers who wear a face-mask while in the salon.

We’ll be working close together.  For your and our protection, please have a face-mask or shield for everyone in your party and wear it at all times in the shop.

Please practice social distancing.

Again, even though you and your consultant will be working close together, we request that your party keep distanced in the salon.


POSH is a small, intimate shopping space.  To maintain social distancing we must limit you to two guests for a SILVER appointment and three guests for a GOLD appointment.  For PLATINUM appointments we close the salon to other guests — to allow you a larger guest count.

No children under 12 years old please.

loud childrenChildren under twelve (12) should not come. Hand carried infants under 10 months are allowed and do not need to have a mask.

Please, refrain from handling the gowns.

We know that browsing the gowns on the rack is fun.  We all love to shop!  But any gown that is handled will need to be sanitized. We are happy to show you any gown you wish… just ask!

Bring a signed waiver form.

We’re taking precautions.  Sanitizing the salon and gowns, masks, monitoring staff temperatures and much more. But we will be working closely together for 90 minutes — and during a pandemic there are risks. More risks than standing in line at the grocery store.  For that reason we must insist that everyone acknowledge those risks and sign a liability waiver form until such time as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania designates our County as “green”.


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