Saving for your wedding

The dreaded B word…

                Budgets can be daunting. Just like thinking about the amount you may possibly spend on a garment you will wear for one day in your life! Wow, that’s a lot to ponder. So why spend a lot of money on this one day dress you ask? Well, unless you are a member of the royal family or an actress, this will be the most photographed dress that you will probably wear in your lifetime. It’s going to be in your favorite photos, probably on your holiday card and all over your social media; so it better be special! This is the time to splurge on yourself.

  1. Everyone’s priorities are different. If it helps, there is a mathematical number that you can follow for all your wedding day expenses on The dress is usually 7% of your total budget. The average gown cost in 2018 was $1,600. So crunch some numbers and budget what is comfortable for you. A brand new dress can run from $600 to $10,000, or even more if you watch “Say Yes to the Dress!”
  2. A fortunate bride may even have a family member, ie grandmother or aunt, that may want to gift the wedding dress. If that is the case, you will need to find out what your budget will be. If it is not in the range you were hoping for, ask if you can subsidize the amount if you find something that costs a bit more. Some parents will pay for the wedding day, but may have the bride cover the expenses for her dress. This is an important conversation that must be had before entering into the store.
  3. Most stores will request ½ of the dress cost at the time of purchase. The balance will be due when the dress arrives. Some stores will do a payment program. This is a great question to ask when you make your appointment.

Finding your budget comfort “zone” is important to your shopping experience. You need to go into the store with “real figures” so you don’t tempt yourself with a style outside your budget and leave disappointed. Rely on your consultant to stay in your budget and have a great time finding your dresses.


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