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How to be prepared to shop for your wedding dress

                Welcome to a whole new world in shopping! Looking for a wedding dress may seem overwhelming, but here are some tips to get you confident! First, this will not be like shopping online or going to the mall. In most bridal stores you will have a consultant working with you. If she picks up on your vibe, you can rely on her to find your dress. You really won’t need to do much other than enjoy the moment! Here is what you need to know before jumping into the car to shop with your bride tribe.

  1. You did the research; now make an appointment at the stores you want to visit. This will ensure you a dressing room, plus a consultant to aid your search thru the racks of wonderful dresses.
  2. Wear proper (neutral colored) undergarments, and bring shoes the heel height you think you will be wearing on your wedding day. Pro Tip: A strapless bra or sticky bra (if you are shopping for a backless gown), along with underwear/spanx will keep you feeling confident throughout your appointment. Remember, there will be a consultant in the dressing room helping you in and out of dresses. 
  3. Pin your favorite dress ideas. It could just be a specific neckline, skirt, lace treatment you are drawn to. Show these ideas to your consultant! Keep an open mind, your consultant should be able to translate your pics and likes into your dream dress.

Appointment, check. Undergarments, check. Pinterest ideas, check. Let’s shop!


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