Finding the perfect dress at POSH Bridal Boutique

It’s a needle in a hay stack!

                Are you the bride that has dreamt of your gown since you were old enough to walk or walking in with no idea what so ever? This is probably the most overwhelming part of the process of shopping. Will you find the dress? Of course you! With the help of an experienced consultant and your tribe!

  1. Let’s talk vocabulary. Getting to know terms before heading out will make you feel more confident when chatting with your consultant. The has a whole list for you to bone up on. Learn about necklines, waist styles, sleeves and more.
  2. There are really only 4 basic dress shapes: Sheath, fit and flare, A-line, ball gown. Everything else is a derivative of them.
  3. There are about 9 different fabrics used for wedding dresses. A fabric is made up of both a weave and a fiber. So when you hear satin, that is a weave not a fiber. There are silk, polyester, acetate and satin blends.  So the classic type of weaves would satin, taffeta, shantung, organza, chiffon, crepe, georgette, net, and tulle. There are also specialty fabrics like laces, embroideries and nets. (which is a whole different topic to be handled later!)

With your inspiration pictures in hand, your consultant will guide you thru the gowns to find the right vib you are dreaming of. Be open with your consultant, tell her what you are liking or disliking about each dress you try. This will help steer her to find stock that will be “the one”.


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