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September 19, 2020

Love Story

We met through a mutual friend that Hollis went to college with and Steven knew from high school.

Dated approximately 3 years before getting engaged and were engaged for approximately 19 months

Got engaged on a Tuesday evening while Hollis was sitting on the couch knitting (definitely was surprised which was what I wanted!) 

Hollis – Physical Therapy Assistant at an outpatient clinic — Steven – Commercial Construction Project Foreman at a family owned company

We enjoy spending time with family, working on projects around our home, going to local sporting events (specifically baseball) and staying active.

No kids yet, hopefully within the near future. We have one cat. Her name is Tilly and she’s like a child to us!

Most memorable moment was our first look and also our whole entire day knowing we pulled off planning our perfect wedding in the middle of a pandemic. This will definitely be a story to tell our grandchildren. 


Gown: Divine Atelier
Venue: ⁠ Stone Mill In⁠n
Photographer: ⁠ Todd Spitler
Florist: Self!⁠


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