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September 12, 2020

Love Story

On a dating app, David was the only person I went out with from the app, guess those things really do work!

We dated for 1 year and 9 months

I used to tease David that he should buy me flowers more often, so one Saturday, I come back to our apartment after a long day at rehearsal and he’s standing in the kitchen holding a big bouquet of flowers. I was shocked and thought it was because of my long day and my running joke. I said to him “Oh wow, you bought me flowers!” to which he replied “Yeah, and I got you something else too” and pulled out a ring box. I’m a tough one to surprise, but he really got me!

Katie is a Ballet Teacher and Personal Trainer (@trainingwithkatie) and David is the Director of Accounting for a software company.

We love to travel, go on hikes, workout and of course binge a good Netflix show together!

We have the two best cats in the world, Belle and Billy.

Taking our wedding pictures! There was one moment where it really hit me that we were married and I said to David “I can’t believe we are actually taking our wedding pictures right now!” It felt surreal.


Gown: Beccar Couture
Venue: ⁠ Home
Photographer: ⁠ Allison Sullivan
Florist: Royers


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