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Naomi & Joshua Carson

November 7, 2020

Love Story

We actually met almost 10 years ago. He was with a friend of mine and they were expecting a child. He was so young, 19 turning 20 I believe. I remember thinking what an odd couple they made and that he seemed like a goofy guy.  

We have dated for 2 1/2 years, May 9, 2018. In the beginning he had sent me a very long text about how much he cared about me and wanted to be with me. Me being me though, I planned on not answering and making him ask me in person. I was with my cousin in Philadelphia at the time and she took my phone, responded for me and said yes. She told me, in not so nice terms of how mean I was to not want to answer him.  

It was Christmas eve 2018. We were at a family gift exchange, it’s a tradition that I started from my Grandmother. He walked out of our room, grabbed something and came back. He said it’s the only gift I got you. He got down on one knee, smiled the way he does with his eyes, and asked me to marry him.   

He is a heavy machine operator in a quarry. I am a nurse, a stay at home mom right now, and also in school for my bachelors in nursing and soon to be nurse practitioner as well. 

We are parents so our children are our hobbies. Although we both love movies, I enjoy reading also. 

5 kids, his mine, and ours. 4 girls Serenity, Annabelle, Tarah, and Emmeline or Emme for short. And I have a son, John, or JJ.

How nervous and anxious I was. I felt like my whole body had the jitters. The moment I saw his face, I felt such a calm though. 


Gown: Madison James
Venue: ⁠ Yeungling Park
Photographer: ⁠ Rebecca Gantz⁠


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