Poshtini – Posh Bridal Shop Lancaster, PA


Only at POSH special events!OMG! You just found our top secret page for our top secret Poshtini recipe!  Don’t tell anybody!

Now its a well known fact that many POSH brides enjoy a tasty Mimosa when shopping for their gowns.  (Of course, only if you’re old enough!)  But fewer brides know that when we have a special event at POSH, we sometimes offer a special drink created by a renowned mixologist just for us!

The Poshtini!

  • One part Black Cherry Vodka
  • One part White Cranberry Juice
  • Four parts Pink Lemonade

Mix together and pour into a shaker full of ice. Shake.  Serve in a martini glass with a cherry.

Enjoy responsibly. 🙂