Wedding Dresses
to $3,000
Regional Exclusives
Leading International Designers
Quality Craftsmanship
Affordable In-House Alterations
Designer Gowns
to $8,000
Classic / Elegant Designs
Customizable Features
High-End Fabrics
Made to Perfect Fit
Couture Gowns
And Up
Avant-garde Designs
Handcrafted Styling
Unique Fabrics & Laces
Custom Fitted
POSH brings out your best

Think of your dress as a picture frame, designed to highlight YOU in the best possible light. 

  • Your dress will be at the center of every wedding photograph
  • Your dress is a symbol of presenting your best self to your partner
  • Your perfect dress is a modest portion of your total wedding expense

Your bridal gown is the center stage element of a ceremony with more than 4,000 years of heritage. What started as strategic alliances between families for survival, evolved into marriages based on love and desire.  And they continue to evolve into a partnership of equals. It is you and your family putting their best foot forward and a symbol of purity, good faith, and hope.

It’s the dress that you’ll remember forever.