What is Style on the Aisle?

It’s an event where POSH brides get to “dress up” with an up-do, a touch of makeup and their gown (or the sample) then are “styled” with all the perfect accessories for their wedding day look. Surrounded by family and other Posh brides with champagne in hand, you will find that perfect veil, hair ornament, jewelry, sash and shoes ALL at the fabulously fun event.

When is it this year?

This year it will be held February 9th(4-8:30PM), the 10th(4-8:30PM), the 11th(4-7PM), and Saturday the 13th(9-3PM). Mark your calendars! We will be in contact will brides who should attend this February between Christmas and New Years!

Is there a way that my accessories can be a gift this holiday?

YES! We offer gift certificates that you can redeem during Style on the Aisle! So, shop Small this holiday season! Do you have a family, friends, and your fiancé texting you: “Hey what do you want from Christmas?” and you need ideas. Well, now you can tell them a Style on the Aisle gift card. Or don’t even wait till they ask, tell them now! They can give us a call at 717-291-9894.


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