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Fashion Trend Friday!

Bishop Sleeve

Definition of bishop sleeve: a long full sleeve usually gathered on a wristband and adapted from a bishop’s robe

These full, loose fitting sleeves end at the wrist with a cuff. They create a flowy and whimsical effect. Very popular with boho weddings, the Bishop sleeve has created a sense of romance that brides adore. The sleeve can be the same material as the rest of the dress or it can be sheer like this Daria Karlozi dress we have in the salon. The sleeve can also have details with embroidery, lace, or sparkle!

If this sleeve isn’t for you they also make a great option for your bridesmaids dresses! Iconic in any color. No matter the season the style is beautiful and romantic.

Wedding Classifications During Covid19

The virus has really changed the wedding game this year. Including even what to call your wedding. Our friend Renee at Team Wedding Marketing even made a chart to help you classify your wedding type. If you planned on having a wedding this Summer or Fall and now you’re rescheduling, think about having a minimony. You can keep your original wedding date, but have fewer guests (less than 50). Then you can plan a reception with the full guest count later in the future. That way you can wear your dress twice as well! There are also mini weddings which have all of the facets of a traditional wedding, but less guests. If you don’t want the frills of a traditional wedding maybe a  micro wedding is perfect for you. They are shorter and even smaller than a mini wedding. Popular on any day of the week and easier to plan! It’ll be interesting to see if these wedding types stay around once Covid passes as well!

You can watch our  #ASKPOSH with Renee on Facebook here.