Why are wedding dress sizes so weird? Wedding dress sizes don’t seem to be the same as ready to wear (aka your favorite dress from LOFT), why is that?! Well, "vanity sizing" has snuck into our everyday clothing over the last 30 years, and has skewed the reality of a "real" size. Have you noticed how our daily

Who will you take on your shopping spree? Life is a party and dress shopping is just the beginning! Asking those that will be your support, and treasure this time with you should get a spot at “the table.” Here is where “the more, the merrier” may not be so fitting for this adventure. It is important to

How to be prepared to shop for your wedding dress                 Welcome to a whole new world in shopping! Looking for a wedding dress may seem overwhelming, but here are some tips to get you confident! First, this will not be like shopping online or going to the mall. In most bridal stores you will have a consultant

Where do you go shopping for your dream dress?                 Are you coordinating a shopping trip with your Bride Tribe?! Before you start your engine, do some research! That way you all can have the best experience and make awesome memories. Consider shopping close to your home, near family or your venue. All have their merits. So, let’s break


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