A happy POSH bride!

How do you know when to stop?

                When you find the dress, of course! That sounds so easy. For some it will be the first store and possibly the first gown. For other brides it could be 20 stores, 10’s of hours and a hundred gowns.

  1. More is not necessarily better. Expect to try 6-10 gowns on at an appointment. Many a bride will find that the perfect gown is completely different than what she had pinned. Every “body” is different so it’s important to let the consultant do her job in finding a great look for you.
  2. Make your shopping a mission not a project! Believe me after your 4th store, it won’t be fun anymore. Let’s keep the fun in finding that dream gown. Try not to plan more than 3 stores in one day of shopping. Plan a lunch in the mid-day. There is nothing worse than a hangry bride and her tribe!
  3. Finding the “zing”. The minute you start shopping may be the moment you stop! Many a bride finds their gown at their first stop. Yes, be surprised but be ready! Others take several shops. Every bride feels different. Some get teary, some giggle, some dance and twirl, some get really calm and happy. You do you. It’s what gives you that “zing!”

Remember everyone is an individual so don’t let friends comments stress you when to let the “zing” happen. This should be a fun, organic process that will give you that memorable moment. Try not to over analysis (I know that is tough for many), but don’t rush in either.


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