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Who will you take on your shopping spree?

Life is a party and dress shopping is just the beginning! Asking those that will be your support, and treasure this time with you should get a spot at “the table.” Here is where “the more, the merrier” may not be so fitting for this adventure. It is important to check with the stores you wish to visit for their guest count policy. If they don’t have room for more than 5, then arrange to meet everyone after shopping for lunch or happy hour to celebrate your choice.

  1. It’s a family affair for some brides. For some, it’s been your mother’s dream to go shopping with you. Maybe with your sibling(s), grandmother(s), aunt(s) or maybe even your father. It’s tradition and it may feel right to you.
  2. It’s your squad! Your besties that you hang with daily and brunch with on the weekends. You share opinions and dreams together! They
    know your personality and your fiancé as well as you.
  3. Are you the independent gal that makes decisions on your own? Like you have made in your finances, career and life? Why does shopping for your dress change your norm? You can totally shop on your own!

One or a few, whatever works for you. Just remember that you are ultimately wearing the dress, and not those with you. Pick the one that makes you happy, not the group. PLUS if everyone is in agreeance on your favorite, even better! Leave the stress at the door and have fun!


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