Ricca Sposa

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Ricca Sposa


November 22 - December 2nd

Come experience this exciting new European line from the Ukrainian designers at Ricca Sposa!  Cutting-edge styles to elevate your wedding to new heights!

Exclusively At POSH Lancaster

Ricca Sposa

Gowns from $2,400 to $4,400

Discover Ricca Sposa at POSH Lancaster — a fresh new bridal label synonymous with exquisite wedding dresses that epitomizes quality, timeless elegance, and attention to detail.

Each gown is a testament to their quest for perfection, from innovative designs to the finest materials, ensuring every bride feels exceptional.

With over a decade of passion, this fashion house, birthed from designer Yuliia Lobachova’s quest for the ideal dress, has garnered global recognition. Ricca Sposa—a dream woven into reality, now adorns brides across continents with its unique and enchanting creations.