PopUp Events

PopUp's are the new Trunk Show!

Pop-up events are an updated take on the classic trunk show, offering limited-time retail experiences with an expanded selection.  It is a bride’s best opportunity to experience the complete designer line! 

POSH Bridal Lancaster will answer your frequent wedding dress questions
Nov 22nd
Dec 2nd
PopUp Event
Ricca Sposa

Come experience this line from the exciting designers at Ricca Sposa!  Cutting-edge styles to elevate your wedding to new heights!

Jan 19th
Jan 27th
PopUp Event
Jimme Huang

Jimme Huang brings a sexy and confident flair to his bridal dress designs, perfect for the modern and sophisticated bride. 


Mar 1st
Mar 9th
PopUp Event

Beccar is renowned for their exceptional talent in designing elegant and timeless wedding dresses. Their creations are distinguished by their use of luxurious fabrics, intricate details, and exquisite craftsmanship.